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Phoneline +

Why Phoneline +?

The Phoneline + is an industry proven solution to an approaching issue. Given that 2025 is getting closer by the day, the potential for the service to end before then is highly likely.

Phoneline + offers a perfect replacement to your phone line.

UK wide changes to the traditional PSTN network (2025) will see the changes of phonelines from copper to fibre. As a result, you and your organisation could be caught in disruption, and consequently lose access to your phonelines/ numbers.

Phoneline + is a cloud-based telephone line solution to your current problems. This utilises web, mobile and digital technology to make and receive calls.

Phoneline +

Phoneline + will allow you to keep your number(s) in the cloud, or you can choose a new virtual number starting with 01 or 02. There are thousands of options available.

You can ahead of the curb, enquire now and switch to Phoneline +. Guarentee a hassle-free, cost-effective and feature-rich landline, all in a singular package.

Features of Phoneline +

In the long run, save time with the simple, yet highly effective interface, and a strong array of features for your business or home.

Our hosted software will provide you complete control over every user and number; You have the options to add and remove users, as well as reallocating users whenever you wish. If you move house or location, there is the option to choose a new local area number, or even port your existing number. You will at no point receive any disruption. In addition, this will save you money as you will not have to change any marketing materials. I.e. billboards, printed stationary/ leaflets or vehicle signage in the event of a move as your number will remain the same.

In summary, our Phoneline + experts are always available to set up your accounts without a delay! With the choice of new numbers, or existing, as well as offering a determined helpline, we will answer any queries correspondingly.

To find out about the packages we offer, and how much for, call one of our experts today!

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