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Hosted VoIP

Does Your Telephone System Work For You?

No?  You Need A Hosted VoIP System

Alka IT Services can provide a Hosted VoIP telephone system that isn't just about "answering calls" but works to suit each business and department individually.

We will tailor every system to meet the needs of your business by sitting down and reviewing how each department works.

Your extensions moves with you, so if you are based in the office, on the road all the time or simply based in multiple locations your extension number moves where ever you do to make it easy for everyone internally and externally to reach you directly. Yes even from home if you wish!

Hosted VoIP Keeps Things Simple

Are you unsure about moving to a cloud telephone system? That's why we are here. There are many positive reasons why you need to move to a hosted telephone system today. Take a look at our Traditional VS Hosted telephone system guide below and even discover the 10 hidden costs of a traditional PBX system with our great eGuide.

hosted voip
Gamma hosted voip

Hosted VoIP - Want to speak to an Expert?

Features of our Hosted VoIP System

Why Choose Hosted VoIP Over Traditional Telephone System?

Did you know that As of 2025 Openreach are ceasing all analog and digital circuits. ISDN2e, ISDN30 and PSTN network.

This means that now is the time to prepare and move to a Hosted Telephone System.

Find our more below and also discover the hidden costs of a traditional system by clicking our eGuide >>>

Traditional PBX vs Hosted

Traditional Phone System

Hosted Telephone System

Let's Collaborate together - Unified Communication - Message, Conference and Video Calls

How long do you waste in meetings or calls which could be completed by a simple instant message or group conference or video call?

Hosted VoIP offers superb call quality, easy deployment, flexibility and truly amazing value for money.  The need for complex on-site equipment is removed resulting in a hassle-free, easy to manage and scalable telephony system.  Contact us TODAY!

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Our excellent team will work with you from start to finish on everything remotely and onsite to meet your needs

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