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Web Design

Are you in need of a slick, easy to use website?

Alka IT can deisgn affordable and professional websites to meet your needs working with you at every stage. We also offer hosting and webstite changes and updates in one all inclusive price.

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Features our websites include

We believe in creating design briefs for teams to study the business, purpose and objectives of a project. Our web designers therefore are able to represent businesses with clear, concise and meaningful designs.

Auras provides extended website design services to include mobile web design i.e. design and development of mobile websites. Our HTML 5 based mobile websites are compatible across several mobile OS including iOS, Android, BB and Windows Mobile platforms.

We provide multiple web design templates so that a business owner can choose from a variety of options before we go ahead and build the website on the selected theme.

Our web designs are themed to match up with the industry, existing branding of the company. Along with a clean well-designed homepage, we provide individual webpages to showcase each product / service offered by the company.

We host, design and add content on CDNs and also design lighter pages to ensure website performance is optimal. This helps us position ourselves as one of the best web design companies available for project-based designs.

Want us to review your website?

If your wanting to look for a affordable website then let us give you a call.

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Our excellent team will work with you from start to finish on everything remotely and onsite to meet your needs

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