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Our New Website is NOW LIVE!

Our New Website is NOW LIVE!

Welcome to Alka IT's new website

Out with the old and in with the new.

We have startred from scratch and built a wonderful slick website which is packed with more infomration than before.

We excited to add our brand new offereings VOIP, Connectivity and Mobiles please check them out and get in touch to find out more.

What's Changed?

We have transfromed our website completly to give a fresh, updated look whilst remaining professional.

We have simplified our navigation so that there is more information in one place.

Our IT Services page gives an overview of everything we can offer in one place but the option to click and find out more.

Also on every page there is a quick and easy way to give us your contact details and our amazing team will call you back!

Our foucs will always be providing excellect IT support to all our customers. Taking away the 1st line simple questions and speaking directly to our experts.

But as with any business change is always great. So to make our offering even better we have introuduced some perfect solutions which will let us asssit our customers even more.

  • Connectivity with Broadband and Ethernet - Just looking after your IT network is great but there is sometimes the issues where you have to go back and fourth with your internet service provider and us to get a solution and in most cases the ISP is at fault. We can now remove that fustration and managed the internet as well as your IT. Meaning you have one point of contact and never have to go between again.
  • VOIP - Simular to the ISP it is always problematic when you have a seperate telephone provider and most of the time today they use an IP system which means we have to get involved. We can now offer you a VOIP soultion which you have control of.

A new look but the same key vaules are upheld. Our customers is what make us the company we are. We love to work with them and help them when they need it. From a free device health check to a site review we will always give accurate and honest advice. We will never make you spend more than you need but will make sure you get what you want and delivered to our extremely high standards.


Follow us on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook as we aim to be more interactive and provide you with information which help you keep up to date with IT.

Blogs will help pass key information about us and the world of IT in an affective manor keep you informed.

We really want your feedback

As with anything new getting feedback is the only way to improve. We understand that people have different views and we want to hear from you.

Please look though our website and give us your feedback

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