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Structured Cabling

Part of your network is the structured cabling. Wireless is great however for a business enviroment nothing beats being plugged into the wall.

We offer a range of different structured cabling from CAT5e to CAT6 and Fibre.

If you have some issues with any of your network points we can also come out diagnose and come up with a solution to your issues.

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Types of Cabling

CW1308 cabling is old basic telephony wiring which can only be used for old telephone systems. No internet or network can be passed through them.

If you have this type of cabling you may want to look at upgrading.

Cat5e is the standard cabling used in a data and telephony network today. Providing speeds up to 1GB with the correct hardware in place.

Cat5e can be 100m long for optimal performance anything over this could cause issues.

For most businesses Cat5e is perfect for providing a cost effective network

Cat6 is very simular to Cat5e. But it can offer speeds of up to 10GB rather than 1GB.

If you want to fully future proof your network and you have a bigger budget then Cat6 would be for you

Do you need a fast 1GB or above network? Or do you need some sockets/cabling repaired?

Call us today and speak to one of our experts who can assit you further

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