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Secure Mail

Are you sending sensitive information and documents?

Are these being sent by a secure email system?

If not then you need to review your email systems and process.

Get in touch today and let's get you and your customers sensitive data secure.

Better yet you can access this system, Wherever you are, Whatever you need to do, Whenever you need to do it on any device!

Secure Email

Secure Email Features

  • Simply sends an information email which cannot be replied to.
  • This options stops the end user forwarding the email and attachments to anyone else. Because of this it also stops the user downloading or printing the document and email so it can’t be distributed in any other way.
  • This lets you attach a passcode to the email so when the recipient tries to open it they will be asked for the pin code.
  • You can set a set date and time which the email can no longer be accessed. It will appear in the recipient’s inbox but when they click on the email it will give them a message that it has expired.
  • This allows the user to view the document but also makes them sign the document.
  • This is a great feature and allows to you track everything to do with the email. It tells you when it has been opened and read, forwarded and replied to.

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