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Data Backup

Is your Data Backed Up Securely?

We know how important every file, database and spreadsheet are to your business. Our backup solutions have been designed to safeguard your data while providing faster recovery time in the case of a corrupt file, deleted files, hardware failure or major disaster.

Features of Alka Backup

256-bit AES encryption - Your data is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption on
transfer and storage.

Private key encryption - Allows you to encrypt your data backups using
your own private password.

A history timeile for each file is provided so you can pinpoint the exact time a file was changed and you can roll back to any of the last 30 changes.

A great user friendly web console will let you manage all of your backups, data and settings on all your devices from one location.

Access to files can be accessed from PC's, MAC's, Mobiles and Tablets. So where ever you are the data is there.

One account, One storage amount and backup as many devices you want. PC's, Mac's, Mobiles and Tablets from one single account. Even mapped drives can be backed up.

Not just a backup service for a file storage service too. Real time syncronisation across all times means you have instant access to files.

No data is ever deleted automatically therefore there is always an archive of your data until you decide to delete it from the backup system.

Don't just backup your files. Backup your OS (Windows) and all system data so you can replicate your system instantly.

No longer once a day backup. Your data will be backed up 24/7. Incremental backup that compresses the files to limit the bandwidth needed.

Stay alert with notifications, activity reports shared with you instantly and by email so you have them where ever you are.

Restoring a file is simple and easy and can be done from any device from the web portal or on the device via the software.

If you need a phycial copy of your backup we can qucikly within in a week which means no bandwidth required.

Is your data backed up securley?


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